Ways to enhance my efficiency while working from home?

The best strategy to improve the performance in home office is to reduce mobility to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and saturation of hospitals. For companies, this involves working from home or doing a home office. However, working from home can sometimes be challenging for a number of reasons: 1. Establish routines: One of […]

Pen Testing: Definition and main characteristics

Pen testing is the abbreviation for Penetration Test. This test is also known as Intrusion Test. It seeks to make a thorough security detection through techniques developed by ethical hackers, backed by institutions to guarantee the security of the hack. There are two stages of the test: The Black Box or Black Box test is […]

Artificial Intelligence Innovations around the World

Live a personalized experience and forget about worries thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has come to the life of the human being to stay to implement new technologies from the home and private life to the mobility of cities. Scroll down to know more about artificial intelligence innovations and how Companies Innovations with Artificial […]

The Artificial Intelligence Innovations

In January, events like CES and AI SUMMIT showed that artificial intelligence is transforming. Let’s start, then, to see what the Artificial Intelligence Innovations will be for this new decade: Voice assistants Thanks to artificial intelligence, interact with a voice assistant and facilitate your navigation. The assistant can process natural language to have a voice […]

Chatbots that Help You Expose the Recruitment

We have all gone through a slow and tedious recruitment process. Can you imagine being able to upload your CV to a chatbot and have it directly tell you whether or not you passed to the next stage. This is one of the many ways that chatbots can help boost recruitment. The recruitment process is […]

Chatbots to improve the customer experience

If you are thinking about how to optimize your services through social networks or your website, let me tell you that we have the solution. There is nothing better than Chatbots to improve the Customer Experience. The chatbot is defined as a computer program designed to simulate conversations with human users, especially on the internet. […]

What companies invest in Artificial Intelligence?

82% Of companies invest or seek to invest in Artificial Intelligence this year It will be an interesting year for companies that invest in Artificial Intelligence. According to the study carried out by Vanson Bourne in September 2017 to 300 decision-makers of Information Technology from the United States and the United Kingdom, it yielded the […]

What can we expect from Artificial Intelligence this 2018?

Thanks to the improvement of Artificial Intelligence through Machine and Deep Learning (automatic learning algorithms). This will be a topic at the top of mind of the investment of companies; that wish to reduce costs and improve the quality of their processes. Never before have such lucrative results been produced with implementations that combine this […]

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