The Artificial Intelligence Innovations. The new decade has begun!

In January, events like CES and AI SUMMIT showed that artificial intelligence is transforming. Let’s start, then, to see what the Artificial Intelligence Innovations will be for this new decade:

Voice assistants

Thanks to artificial intelligence, interact with a voice assistant and facilitate your navigation. The assistant can process natural language to have a voice conversation with a person. Has the ability to resolve doubts and respond to requests.

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are new forms of face-to-face virtual agents with whom you can interact through a screen. Some recognized companies in the industry are presenting this new form of interaction to automate customer service in banks, exhibitions, hospitals, and others.

Xira is the only Mexican company that has smart assistants in person and, by voice and a virtual presence, can solve the doubts of your clients.

Automation by RPA

One of the trends we had in 2015 is automating repetitive processes by RPA. RPAs are robots within the computer that can automate different flows chosen by the company to make the processes more efficient. For example, suppose you have a validation list that involves only clicks on the computer. In that case, an RPA can do this process much faster and at a lower cost because it is capable of repeating what a human would do. This decade we are definitely going to see more automation of monotonous processes.

Big Data Analysis

Finally, one of the trends that will continue to change the decade is the analysis of large volumes of data. One of the great concerns of data scientists is that most of the generated data is not well structured, and it is not easy to analyze. However, this year we are going to see how both humans and robots will be in charge of making the task more efficient. Data analysis to facilitate analysis and better advise companies.

Xira is the only Mexican company that has a wide range of solutions, from on-site smart assistants to RPA and IPA robots that make all your processes more efficient. In our experience, we can recommend you to review the virtual assistant in-person to solve the doubts of your clients and position yourself as an avant-garde company.

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