How to Improve my Performance in Home Office?

The best strategy to improve the performance in home office is to reduce mobility to avoid the spread of the coronavirus and saturation of hospitals. For companies, this involves working from home or doing a home office. However, working from home can sometimes be challenging for a number of reasons:

1. Establish routines: One of the great comments against doing home office is the difficulty of establishing specific routines or schedules that help follow the rhythm of work offered by the offices.

2. Frequent distractions: Another frequent comment is that with the amount of information and distractions that exist, concentration activities become quite a challenge.

3. Limit times: Another challenge of doing home office is stopping the time spent at work to take advantage of the time at home.

Innovations with Artificial Intelligence to improve your performance in Home Office

For this reason, our mobile devices have implemented applications that monitor our activity to make the most of our phones. Now, can you imagine what would happen if you could do the same on your computer?

Fortunately, current technology allows these types of applications. Xira, being a leader in innovations with Artificial Intelligence, has productivity solutions that will help you empower yourself to decide the time you should dedicate to each of your activities during the coronavirus pandemic. So you can maximize your productivity and take advantage of every minute.

In addition, with this solution, you can monitor your daily activity to make decisions that help you improve the efficiency of each activity. Is possible to do so if you consider that it is necessary to block some applications while you decide to work on other tasks. You can even share your activities with other colleagues to increase team organization and efficiency.

The first step to increasing your productivity is measuring your time. Measure how much time you spend in applications, sending emails, networks, thinking, being distracted on the internet, and researching and comparing yourself with your colleagues.

Accelerate your company’s processes with our GPT Suite.

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