What companies invest in Artificial Intelligence?

82% Of companies invest or seek to invest in Artificial Intelligence this year

It will be an interesting year for companies that invest in Artificial Intelligence. According to the study carried out by Vanson Bourne in September 2017 to 300 decision-makers of Information Technology from the United States and the United Kingdom, it yielded the following results.

The study shows us that the following areas will increase your investment in IT products this year:

  • Executive management: 6%
  • Operations: 9%
  • Logistics: 11%

It is also mentioned that 2 out of every three companies are researching the following topics:

  • Consumer experience and service personalization: 96%
  • Hybrid cloud computing: 93%
  • Machine Learning: 88%
  • Artificial Intelligence: 85%
  • Virtual Reality: 78%

A third of decision-makers surveyed believe that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning systems have the power to change both their companies and the sector in which they are developed, even more than virtual reality or cryptocurrencies. The main reason for this is that they go hand in hand with companies’ efforts to be competitive and not lag behind the rest.

More than half have a greater focus on innovation than on efficiency and seek to focus on the data provided by algorithms to discover insights that allow them to achieve their objectives. On the other hand, more than a third seek to increase the level of process automation to keep their systems at the forefront and at a competitive level.

The main sectors in which decision-makers believe that AI will have the most significant impact are:

  • IT and telecommunications companies: 59%
  • Business services: 43%
  • Financial services: 32%

Now, how many companies are invest in Artificial Intelligence?

In Machine Learning, 88% of companies seek to invest in this issue. Currently, 44% of companies already invest in this technology, 29% plan to invest, and 15% are investigating to invest.

In Artificial Intelligence, 85% of companies plan an investment. Currently, 37% of companies already invest in AI, 32% plan to invest, and 17% are investigating to invest.

And what sector do you belong to, are you thinking of investing in Artificial Intelligence or in some technology? Tell us in the comments or schedule an appointment with us.

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