What can we expect from Artificial Intelligence this 2018?

Thanks to the improvement of Artificial Intelligence through Machine and Deep Learning (automatic learning algorithms). This will be a topic at the top of mind of the investment of companies; that wish to reduce costs and improve the quality of their processes. Never before have such lucrative results been produced with implementations that combine this technology with the human operation. So what we can expect from Artificial Intelligence are only great advances, join us to discover a couple.

These types of solutions have begun to be inserted within the same systems of the companies. Which does not modify their operation, but rather improves the processes and adapts to them. In two years, it is estimated that 85% of customer service via the web will be served with AI. The above means that produce efficiency in time, more procedures, and effectiveness at a lower cost. Who does not love that formula?

This is why we tell you what to expect in some of the business sectors:

What Can We Expect From Artificial Intelligence In the entertainment sector?

Companies like Netflix and Spotify are creating a personalization of their services with Artificial Intelligence. How does it work? Every time you use their platform, machine learning software analyzes your behavior and recommends watching or listening to it. Soon, they will also be able to incorporate technology that, through Machine Learning, can predict the personality of their users with the movement of their eyes. By knowing the user on such a scale, much more precise recommendations can be given.

In the financial sector

At the global level, the bank is a leader when discussing investment in AI projects. According to the consulting firm Venture Scanner belongs to more than 2,000 SMEs in 70 countries that have accumulated a value of more than 27,000 million dollars.

Regarding AI, Mexican banks, regardless of their size and scope, are at the forefront; today 50% are developing their digital transformation and implementation strategies, while another 30% have already completed the process and implementation of this.

This puts in the panorama that:

A total of 80% of the banks in Mexico have in their plans to implement digital strategies in the short term.

(Deloitte, 2017)

One of the applications of AI in banking is the improvement in risk management, traditionally risk management mechanisms are made up of a digital part programmed to detect a risk threshold, and the second step is human analysis, which increases the possibility of error by having false-positive indicators. In order to counteract this, some banks include AI solutions, which with the help of deep learning algorithms, add new features to the system and allow more detailed analysis and significantly reduce risk.

Samir Hans, Director of Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP explains: “With cognitive analytics, fraud detection models can be more robust and accurate. If a cognitive system removes something that it determines as possible fraud, and a human being determines that it is not fraud because of X, Y, and Z, the computer learns from those human perceptions, and next time it will not send you a similar detection. The team is getting smarter and smarter. “

In the automotive sector

AI in the automotive sector will play an essential role, Jeff Schneider senior engineering manager at Uber, explains that 94% of car collisions are the result of human error; of these collisions, 50% are due to recognition errors, and the other 50% are the result of poor decisions by drivers. According to Schneider, autonomous vehicles with AI programs and solutions could reduce these types of errors. (UniversiaKnowledge, 2018)

In addition to this, Nissan is betting big on AI issues; it has invested more than 4 billion dollars, equivalent to 5% of its income. They are currently developing a car that includes a helmet that connects to the system and anticipates the driver’s actions by up to two seconds through neural vibrations. (Brito, 2018)

What Can We Expect From Artificial Intelligence In the medical sector?

The medical sector is positioning AI as a great ally. According to the consulting firm Frost and Sullivan, the smart medical systems industry will handle 6.6 billion dollars by 2021, while in 2014, there was talk of 634 million, this thanks to the development of new mobile devices with AI solutions that solve health problems. (JMS, 2017). One of the objectives of this implementation is to improve medical diagnoses, to be able to monitor diseases in real-time, automate processes and provide better service. The term with which this solution will be known is eHealth. In Denmark, the company Corti is applying AI to monitor emergency calls with robots to look for communication patterns such as voice and breathing and to be able to identify before humans signs that the person on the other end of the line has a heart attack.

These have been just a few cases. In case you want to know even more about what to expect from Artificial Intelligence, browse our website. We promise that you will find the most suitable tools for your sector:

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