Pen Testing: What is and What are Its Characteristics

Pen testing is the abbreviation for Penetration Test. This test is also known as Intrusion Test. It seeks to make a thorough security detection through techniques developed by ethical hackers, backed by institutions to guarantee the security of the hack. There are two stages of the test:

The Black Box or Black Box test is considered a blind test because it follows the premise of not having a large amount of information available about the corporation. This test will reach the contracting company and discover its vulnerabilities despite being directed. This test is the most similar to an external attack.

Another pen testing test is the gray box, which has certain company-specific information and can perform penetration tests. However, this amount of information is low and does not compare to the information provided in the White Box test.

Make sure that someone has responsibility to act on the reports that your pen testing partner and automated tools produce. You must prioritize the issues found and set about addressing them in a timely fashion.Costly data theft is often the product of known vulnerabilities that companies have failed to deal with. Testing to ensure identified exploits have been properly sewn up should form part of your ongoing pen testing.

Xira’s goal is to protect your data. For this reason, Xira has pentesting certifications, guaranteeing the security of our clients’ data. If you want to know more about feel free to contact us.

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