Artificial Intelligence Innovations around the World

Live a personalized experience and forget about worries thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has come to the life of the human being to stay to implement new technologies from the home and private life to the mobility of cities. Scroll down to know more about artificial intelligence innovations and how

Companies Innovations with Artificial intelligence

Companies have innovated and created new products to make life easier for human beings. Find out how they have done it.

1. Ballie:

Samsung developed a smart assistant called Ballie, which is capable of doing different smart home activities. The assistant includes functions such as personal fitness assistant, security or home automation. Ballie automates all kinds of household chores, from making decisions independently or having someone do it. Live an experience and forget about worries.

2. Smart Washers:

Take care of your clothes from the first wash, thanks to its great technology. The new washing machines will protect your clothes by selecting the most suitable wash cycle and controlling your washing machine’s functions from a long distance through voice controls without having to get up.

3.Norwal T10:

Discover the new way to clean your home and make it look sparkling. Vacuum and clean your home from the comfort of your armchair. Norwal T10 was created in China, it is a robot that is controlled by an application that allows you to create a design of your house to facilitate navigation and make cleaning plans. Activate “hands-free” mode.

4. Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR:

The Mercedes Benz company has created an advanced vehicle transformation. It is a distant future to mobility is driven through a biometric connection between the vehicle and the driver. The future is in your hands.


It is a company dedicated to creating smart pans capable of measuring the exact temperature for all your foods and giving them the perfect touch through the application. Enjoy interactive experiences, cook your food in a more fun way.

6. Manta5:

Discover the new gadgets focused on technology and sports. The Dutch Howard Willis created Manta 5, a water bike; you can enjoy exercising on the sea, rivers, and lakes.

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