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When you combine RPA with Computer Vision, OCR, Speech-to-text, Process Mining, NLP or Virtual Assistants, you will be able to automate more than 90% of your internal processes end-to-end.
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Let´s Raise Human Potential with AI

Eficiencia Operativa

Operational Efficiency
Automated Validation, OCR/Document Reading, Process Mining, Artificial Vision, RPA, RDA

Transform your internal processes, operations, and back-office with AI. Making them safer, faster, and more profitable.

Predictive Analytics Gif

Predictive Analytics
Deep learning, Machine learning, Cognitive Generative AI, GPT, Speech Analytics

Data management and automated analysis of your customers' behavior to optimize your internal processes and operations.

Partners, Clients and Testimonials

Identity Validation and Screen Recording

"Xira's Screen Recording solution has allowed us to detect malpractices, frauds as well as opportunities for improvement in the processes that an agent executes for the attention of our clients."

Edgar Barrera

Customer Service Director IZZI

WhatsApp, Chatbot, Automation and Screen Consolidation

"The first thing we looked for was a chatbot, fortunately we found ourselves on the road with you, with Xira to do this development. What convinced us a lot was the work methodology, the agile methodology in doing things in very short periods of time. We managed implement this chatbot together in, (if I'm not mistaken), a week."

Marco Fernández

Projects Manager IT


"We recommend the solution because it helps you to be efficient and reduce process times."

José Mendoza Y Carla López

Human Resources Direction

Process Automation

"We are very happy with the results obtained from the implementations and incorporation of artificial intelligence into our internal and customer processes. Thanks to Xira, we have generated significant efficiencies, improved the customer experience which have allowed us to focus on the most complex tasks of the business."

Víctor Pimentel

Operations Support Director

Preferences Prediction Algorithm

"Yes, we recommend it because it generates confidence and certainty in execution and delivery times."

Cecilia Vega



"Yes, I would recommend them, their chatbot is great "

Kalid Ramos

Technology Support Specialist

Process Mining, Process Automation and CX Automation

"Yes, of course I recommend Xira; The development has helped us a lot to streamline times in our day-to-day and when there have been robot malfunctions, the support by them has been quick and efficient. I definitely highly recommend them."

Lucero Mendez

National Commissions Coordinator

Personalized video delivery platform

Predictive Analytics and Chatbot

Help Desk Automation

Become our business partner

"We are stronger with alliances. That is why we would like to work with you, you who are a Technology Integrator."
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Roadside Assistance Chatbot

"We are now doubling and tripling our efforts to further digitize our processes. So, if the client dared to be serviced by automated messaging, I'd better let him stay serviced by automated messaging, by Xira's chatbots, who are very good at developing to streamline our processes."

Alejandro Canasi IT

Executive Director

Customer Experience Automation

"We started working with very simple automated processes, and with this we began to demonstrate, internally, that automated processes have many benefits. We started looking for suppliers and we just arrived with Xira. So that was the first approach we had with Artificial Intelligence and the truth is that they gave us very good results."

Gerardo Islas

E-Commerce Leader

Process Automation

"I highly recommend Xira's RPA products, since they are custom-tailored and in a considerable time depending on the complexity that this implies."

Paola Ferrer

Innovation Direction

Digital Transformation Management

"For automation implementation issues, be it Chatbots or RPA, you have to make yourself best friends with the end-users; in this case they are the CAT ones. And of course they have an excellent team, fortunately, I also have a very good team!"

Arlen González

PMO Digital Transformation

RPA and CURP Validation

"It has made our work easier. They ( XIRA) have grown a lot and improved their services."

Alejandro Saavedra

Loan Administration Manager

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