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AI for enterprises with GPT applied to self-management, real-time support for agents and training simulators for the Human Resources, Retail, Banking, Contact Center sectors.

All the information that your clients or collaborators need in a single transversal platform with AI to facilitate service attention.

AI for business with GPT applied to self-management, real-time agent support and training simulators.

Welcome to the era of the GPT Enterprise Suite

Discover our GPT Enterprise Suite that redefines efficiency and productivity. From reporting automation to advanced technical support, our Suite offers customized solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each company.

Agent Assist 

4x reduction in agent errors or penalties and 15% reduction in AHT (on-call time)

Client Simulator

Measure the performance of your agents with simulations of real cases with clients, prior to releasing them in the real operation.

Generative IVR, Self Service & Conversational Agents

Reduce interactions to your contact center by providing transactional and informational responses to your customers

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