Chatbots, 21st-century conversational experiences

Humans have always looked for comfort, and we have always found a way to make life easier for ourselves. We develop smartphones to have all the information at our fingertips. Never comply; we develop chatbots to solve doubts more interactively. Today, we can even order a pizza without having to get out of bed with […]

The Artificial Intelligence Innovations. The new decade has begun!

In January, events like CES and AI SUMMIT showed that artificial intelligence is transforming. Let’s start, then, to see what the Artificial Intelligence Innovations will be for this new decade: Voice assistants Thanks to artificial intelligence, interact with a voice assistant and facilitate your navigation. The assistant can process natural language to have a voice […]

How to Hire more than 100 Qualified People in a Week?

Can you imagine managing to hire more than 100 qualified candidates in a week? It seems crazy if you do it manually. Let us introduce you to a technology capable of helping you in the recruitment process. Previously, it was not unusual to meet someone who told you that they spent a lifetime in one […]