Automation solutions in contingency season

Process Mining Mapea y visualiza tus procesos como realmente son mediante datos

In the insurance and health sector, leading companies in Mexico served their clients through branches, telephone, and digital channels, without any automation solutions. Due to the contingency generated by COVID-19, the flow of remote care increased significantly in recent weeks. Xira, with developments in Artificial Intelligence, managed to automate the flow of attention by up […]

Inclusive robots: Avoiding gender stereotypes in AI

avoid gender stereotypes in artificial intelligence

One of the most common themes when talking about robots is that they replicate many of the biases that we currently live, perpetuating stereotypes of all kinds. For this reason, we want to share some tips to avoid gender stereotypes in Artificial Intelligence. And reduce these types of biases and take advantage of technology to […]

Face this #quarntine with Artificial Intelligence!

This crisis shows us the danger of misinformation while quality data is not democratized. For this reason, we make our chatbot available with information in Spanish about the coronavirus, newspaper covers, articles, online courses, and algorithms with AI to verify the veracity of your news, everything you need to face this quarantine with Artificial Intelligence. […]

Pen Testing: Definition and main characteristics

Pen testing is the abbreviation for Penetration Test. This test is also known as Intrusion Test. It seeks to make a thorough security detection through techniques developed by ethical hackers, backed by institutions to guarantee the security of the hack. There are two stages of the test: The Black Box or Black Box test is […]

Artificial Intelligence Innovations around the World

Live a personalized experience and forget about worries thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has come to the life of the human being to stay to implement new technologies from the home and private life to the mobility of cities. Scroll down to know more about artificial intelligence innovations and how Companies Innovations with Artificial […]

Discover the benefits of AI and transform your company’s strategies

blog post beneficios de la ia en tu empresa

Face the future, discover the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, and avoid repetitive activities. Take the time to create and innovate! Profits or benefits of Artificial Intelligence. 1. Get to know customers better: better analyze customers with Big Data and create products or services offering added value for each type of customer. 2. Know your products […]

Chatbots that Help You Expose the Recruitment

We have all gone through a slow and tedious recruitment process. Can you imagine being able to upload your CV to a chatbot and have it directly tell you whether or not you passed to the next stage. This is one of the many ways that chatbots can help boost recruitment. The recruitment process is […]

The Importance of Chatbots for your Business

Chatbots are the new trend for businesses; they increase the number and channels of interaction you have with customers and open up the possibility of providing a better service and exploring new sales and service channels. So let’s discover the importance of chatbots for your business. One of the main advantages of using chatbots in […]

Chatbots to improve the customer experience

If you are thinking about how to optimize your services through social networks or your website, let me tell you that we have the solution. There is nothing better than Chatbots to improve the Customer Experience. The chatbot is defined as a computer program designed to simulate conversations with human users, especially on the internet. […]

What companies invest in Artificial Intelligence?

82% Of companies invest or seek to invest in Artificial Intelligence this year It will be an interesting year for companies that invest in Artificial Intelligence. According to the study carried out by Vanson Bourne in September 2017 to 300 decision-makers of Information Technology from the United States and the United Kingdom, it yielded the […]

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