Automation solutions in contingency season

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In the insurance and health sector, leading companies in Mexico served their clients through branches, telephone, and digital channels, without any automation solutions. Due to the contingency generated by COVID-19, the flow of remote care increased significantly in recent weeks. Xira, with developments in Artificial Intelligence, managed to automate the flow of attention by up to 80%.

With mobility limitations, due to COVID-19, customer service workstations were reduced by around 35%. At the same time, the contingency generated a high flow of inquiries that saturated the ability of operators to provide effective service. In both sectors, support programs and branch inquiries were the cause of saturated lines generating waits of at least 12 minutes. Maintaining customer satisfaction was difficult with few people to provide service and a large influx of calls.

In this situation, in addition to the fact that it is costly to increase the fleet to provide care, it is difficult to do so due to restrictive measures. Xira, with extensive experience in the market and a Process Mining team, found that 30% of the flow could be automated with responses related to support programs and nearby branch locations.

Automation solutions results

The development process to automate these flows took less than two weeks. And as a result of this AI implementation, call traffic dropped dramatically after a few hours. Additionally, in the insurance sector company, the flow was reduced up to 80% after two weeks of implementation.

This technology also has the tools to make informative queries to internal databases to answer specific questions from each of the clients.

The development was implemented in all digital channels (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and WebChat). And to guarantee the security of the information, it was installed within the clients’ infrastructure. In this way, customers can be attended to immediately, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in a personal way. Thus, user satisfaction has increased dramatically.

In Mexico, more than 90% of insurers and laboratories offer solutions to their clients during the contingency. However, few have an Intelligent Assistant that provides unique conversational experiences to their clients.

If you want to know more about how to automate your service channels by up to 80% you can find the best automation solutions in our section CX Automation.

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