Security and Artificial Intelligence in Mexico

Artificial Intelligence is the most important given that it lies in security. AI can detect and prevent intrusions that threaten the cybersecurity of companies. That is why artificial intelligence becomes a participant to prevent your data.

Machine Learning is a great tool since it automatically learns to create systems from a database, analyzing combat threats.

AI can identify the behaviors or tactics used by a certain hacker, prevent intrusions or theft of information so your data will be protected thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Security in implementations with Artificial Intelligence

One of the big concerns when implementing technologies with Artificial Intelligence is security. Because today the amount of data we generate has gained a lot of value, it is of great importance and the duty of companies to protect their users’ privacy. There are various strategies to do so; we will share some of them:

1. Use HTTPS: HTTPS is a protocol that offers data encryption to secure data exchange between the client and the company.

2. Store data safely: another of the big questions is the way in which we should store the data. There are different ways, from folders to clouds, that can help us store information; the most important thing is that it must be stored in an encrypted way in the same way that we transport encrypted data.

3. Request and store only the necessary information: because the risk is always latent when you require certain data, request only what you actually require. In addition, it is necessary to inform users what the data will be used for; in this way, you avoid risks and establish a trustworthy platform with your users.

4. Finally, use platforms or companies that guarantee the security of your data.
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