Pen Testing: Definition and main characteristics

Pen testing is the abbreviation for Penetration Test. This test is also known as Intrusion Test. It seeks to make a thorough security detection through techniques developed by ethical hackers, backed by institutions to guarantee the security of the hack. There are two stages of the test: The Black Box or Black Box test is […]

Security and Artificial Intelligence in Mexico

Artificial Intelligence is the most important given that it lies in security. AI can detect and prevent intrusions that threaten the cybersecurity of companies. That is why artificial intelligence becomes a participant to prevent your data. Machine Learning is a great tool since it automatically learns to create systems from a database, analyzing combat threats. […]

What is Artificial Intelligence. Is The Conquest Of The Robots?

Many times when people are asked What is Artificial Intelligence? They can directly associate it with robots seen in science fiction movies. The reality is that Artificial Intelligence is very different from that. Join us to discover in this article the most important features and implementations of this technology. What is it the Artificial Intelligence? […]

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