How to Hire more than 100 Qualified People in a Week?

Can you imagine managing to hire more than 100 qualified candidates in a week? It seems crazy if you do it manually. Let us introduce you to a technology capable of helping you in the recruitment process.

Previously, it was not unusual to meet someone who told you that they spent a lifetime in one company. Nowadays it is less and less frequent to hear that people stay in a single job for more than two years. It is undoubtedly a generational phenomenon, and recruitment processes become more and more frequent, becoming monotonous processes were a whole entourage of recruiters is required to be able to schedule appointments and make sure of the two most important things when analyzing candidates: filter them from efficiently and even more importantly, ensure that you are hiring someone who will stay as long as possible.

We know that recruitment processes can be quite absorbing; the time invested is constant and more so with companies that require recurring and massive hiring.

This is where the question arises: How to hire more than 100 qualified people in a week?

We know that magic does not exist, but technology has something very similar.

At Xira, we are a company that works with Artificial Intelligence. With our Intelligent Assistants, we can solve most of the recruitment processes, using Machine Learning and problem solving to help find the best candidates for a position, speeding up the process and making it less unpredictable, strategic, and efficient.

Our robots have the ability to capture, evaluate, filter candidates, ensuring the best user experience since they work 24 hours, 7 days a week. In the same way, they are so efficient that they remember appointments and have the ability to reschedule if necessary to ensure that candidates attend, feeling how important it is for your company that they are part of the team. In the same way, we have trend analysis tools that help you define whether or not a candidate will stay in the company for longer if he is hired, all this in a single Robot.

At Xira, we see a future where humans forget about monotonous jobs that do not generate any value, using our technology as a tool to streamline processes and put aside tasks that waste talent; contact us and try it for your company!

If you want to generate savings and increase your sales, contact us for a free consultation!

Accelerate your company’s processes with our GPT Suite.

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