What is Artificial Intelligence. Is The Conquest Of The Robots?

Many times when people are asked What is Artificial Intelligence? They can directly associate it with robots seen in science fiction movies. The reality is that Artificial Intelligence is very different from that. Join us to discover in this article the most important features and implementations of this technology.

What is it the Artificial Intelligence?

The RAE defines it as:

1. f. Inform. Scientific discipline deals with creating computer programs that perform operations comparable to those performed by the human mind, such as learning or logical reasoning.


In more colloquial words, Artificial Intelligence is a branch of technology in charge of simulating and imitating human behavior thanks to its learning capacity through robots, systems, and solutions programmed in a computer.

When was it invented?

  • Alan Turing. In 1936, he designed a machine that was the basis for many of today’s computational concepts, such as input, output, programs, memory, and algorithms.
  • John McCarthy, Marvin Minsky, and Claude Shannon, in 1956, coined the term “Artificial Intelligence” in Darthmounth to refer to “the science and ingenuity of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent calculation programs” (Iglesias Fraga, 2016).

How does Artificial Intelligence work?

It is developed from a series of algorithms, which are programmed to generate learning from all the provided information and data. These are generating a system of trust, by which they can know when an answer is correct or incorrect, and at the moment of re-issuing an answer, it is programmed to take into account what has been previously learned.

These are some of the artificial intelligence applications that we use daily.

Many of them have better results performing this type of task than humans, but this does not mean that they are aware of it.

I hope that now you know a little more about what it is and what it is for!

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