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In the financial sector, customer service represents a fundamental activity for the satisfaction of the users given the high competition between banks. One frequent problem is the incapacity to attend in the right time the volume of clients. Automation is the big solution. In this context, the implementation of automation tools and artificial intelligence increments the capacity of customer service. Thus you can reduce call center costs.

Two of the main banks in Mexico served their clients through an IVR and with Contact Centers with 350 and 1200 stations, respectively. Your customers waited an average of 2 minutes to receive a response through the IVR while waiting times to be heard by an executive took 6 minutes. On the other hand, to obtain documents such as the account statement, it was necessary to download an application or wait up to 20 days to receive it by mail.

Executives could not attend through digital channels because security requirements were not met. Xira implemented a Transactional Chatbot embedded in WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and WebChat within the clients ‘infrastructure to improve their clients’ experience. The solution has a redundancy system, with no internet access and options for integrating Voice Biometrics, Double Authentication, and Forms hosted by clients to guarantee data security even through these channels. The results obtained are: immediate 24/7 attention, personalized and integrated with the Bank’s internal systems, and automation of more than 60% of the inquiries received by the Contact Center. In Mexico, 85% of financial institutions could take advantage of this automation solution.

Because of the pandemic, many companies face similar challenges, so they must adopt new solutions to improve processes that help them make the main challenges more efficient.

Main benefits of automation

The main benefits of the implementation of the Intelligent Transactional Assistants are:

1. Savings in operating costs by reducing the time spent answering user requests (reduce call center costs).

2. Elimination of waiting time and abandonment, with the resolution of unlimited informative conversations and 24/7 omnichannel attention.

3. Increase user experience by responding in an immediate, agile, safe and correct way to the users’ channel of their selection.

4. The scalability of the operation and information security is ensured.

5. Repetitive manual processes are eliminated.

6. Decrease in traffic to the Contact Center by having a retention rate of 60%, an error rate below 5%, and automating the main flows of the company.

7. Reminder of Patterns: the robot responds proactively if you ask for your balance each month on certain dates.

8. Integration of Text and Sentiment Analytics.

The Intelligent Transactional Assistant solution can be implemented in different companies that offer support programs during times of contingency and are having a difficult time meeting all the requests in the Contact Centers.

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