Costumer Service: How to Increase to 500 per Minute?

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 generated great uncertainty in all aspects. One of the industries that receive the most calls and questions of costumer service is the financial sector. In Mexico, two of the main banks were serving their clients with around 1200 stations. With an average wait of 2 minutes to enter the IVR, more than 6 minutes to be attended by an executive. Additional 6 minutes were required to solve simple queries, such as a balance inquiry or the minimum credit card payment. In total, there are 14 minutes of waiting to solve a doubt that with other solutions takes 1 minute.

At the same time, when customers wanted to obtain documents such as the account statement, they had to wait 20 days to receive it. Sometimes they had to download another application to solve a quick query. In addition, another great opportunity to automate the service channels is that executives cannot serve digital channels for security.

These banks, concerned about user satisfaction and empathizing with the situation. So they decided to implement a transactional chatbot on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and within their websites.

However, one of the essential aspects of a financial institution is to ensure that the data is sealed. Thus, Xira does not make implementations that do not guarantee user safety. For this reason, it was proposed to ensure customer data. This was achieved by implementing this solution with redundancy systems, without internet outlets and options to integrate voice biometrics, hosted forms, double authentication, and more.

Costumer Service Automation Results

The results obtained do not cease to amaze because it was possible to automate more than 60% of customers’ queries through the Contact Center. In addition to offering immediate, personalized, and effective attention 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

The most impressive thing about using conversational agents to automate your attention is that they have the ability to remember previous conversations. They remember patterns and proactively serve your users. In addition, customer service costs are reduced with fewer calls and text messages, which are slow and represent high costs for companies.

Automation solutions or robots are here to improve our interactions with companies offering us services and attention. Even when we cannot be physically present at some point.

Today is the time to take advantage of these solutions more than ever. A solution like the Intelligent Transactional Assistant can be implemented in other institutions, not only financial but also telecommunications, hospitality, and services.

This is the moment to be present in any circumstance and at any time. That is why we invite you to try this completely free and interactive demo.

Accelerate your company’s processes with our GPT Suite.

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