Chatbots, 21st-century conversational experiences

Humans have always looked for comfort, and we have always found a way to make life easier for ourselves. We develop smartphones to have all the information at our fingertips. Never comply; we develop chatbots to solve doubts more interactively. Today, we can even order a pizza without having to get out of bed with Alexa or Google Assistant.

With an exponential improvement in terms of the quality of technologies such as voice recognition, this decade will be marked by a new relationship with robots. We will start having talks with them like we have with a friend. Companies that do not take advantage of this new model will be displaced by others that offer new interactions.

At Xira, we call this new interaction: virtual assistants, who are capable of understanding and solving doubts using voice, the only thing that makes it difficult is to know if you are interacting with a human or with a machine. Gartner (2019) estimates that by 2021 most companies will implement virtual assistants in their companies.

Virtual Assistants, being tools with physical appearance, voice understanding, and voice response, provide a more personalized experience for users. Some use cases include attendance at exhibitions, automation in call centers, and user reception in hospitality centers.

In our experience, this conversational interaction is a novelty that has amazed users, generated engagement, and made customer service not only enjoyable but exciting.

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