5 Benefits of Chatbots in your Company

Beneficios de los chatbots para tu empresa

The benefits of chatbots are too many as they are the new trend for business. According to various Gartner studies, by 2020, 50% of companies will already have an attention robot operating. These robots generate different benefits for companies such as increasing the number of channels, improving interactions, generating savings, and reaching out to other generations.

We present the 5 things why it is important to implement this trend in your company:

1. Better user experience: Through immediate attention and availability to provide a 24/7 response to the customer, it improves the interaction between the user and the companies, benefiting the brand’s perception.

2. Savings in operating expenses: the interaction by chat, in addition to facilitating communication with customers, helps to reduce the number of calls, and by adding a robot for immediate attention, it helps operators to focus on other activities that generate greater value for the company; which translates into operational savings.

3. Better customer analysis: Through chatbots, companies can obtain a lot of customer data that will later help the business better understand what its users are looking for.

4. Expand channels: messaging channels have become the favorite way for users to contact companies. Adding chatbots benefits customers interact more frequently through the different text platforms.

5. Personalized attention: various studies show that people are willing to pay more in order to receive a personalized experience. Interaction with chatbots has developed so much that you can create this experience for your customers through the analysis of historical customer data, the consumer profile, among others, to offer your customer exactly what they need.

On the other hand, according to Gartner, artificial intelligence applied to sales allows greater efficiency in these processes, increasing conversion rates by up to 30% when chatbots serve potential customers.

The use of care robots for automation is a reality.

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