What is Artificial Intelligence and how to take advantage of it?

what is artificial intelligence

What comes to mind when you hear the term “Artificial Intelligence”? The answer tends to vary greatly depending on who you ask. Popularly, the term is often associated with machines with human behavior, which, although it resembles reality, is not entirely true. Let’s see what artificial intelligence is and what is true in this conception and what it lacks to be correct.

This discipline has become more and more relevant every year, from business, personal consumption, entertainment and even the development of science and technology. 

Artificial Intelligence: the name itself reveals part of the meaning of the discipline. It is a set of mathematical algorithms implemented through computational tools that aim to find solutions to complex problems. The impact that these “algorithms” have had in this era is immeasurable. Let’s see to what degree.

The importance of Artificial Intelligence

Let’s do a brief exercise: think about some of your day-to-day activities, be it entertainment, work, transportation, etc. Surely all of them involve Artificial Intelligence in some way. Here are some examples:

  • Entertainment: When you are looking for what series or movie to watch, your streaming platform shows you a series of suggestions that you are most likely going to like. The recommendation system they developed is essentially an artificial intelligence algorithm. The recommendation system of music streaming platforms is similar.
  • Work: From candidate selection to the day-to-day operation of a company usually involves automation processes with Artificial Intelligence. At this point, it is difficult to find a large company that does not make predictions about sales, market behavior or trends in many other factors.
  • Banking: In the banking sector, the last few years have been characterized by the introduction of automated systems that have revolutionized the sector. The introduction of chatbots for customer service, models for selecting customers with lower credit risk to offer credit and the automation of internal processes exemplify the relevance of AI in banking.
  • Telecommunications: All of us are constantly making use of our cell phones. Behind sending messages, making calls or checking our social networks, there are algorithms that enhance our experience. From geolocation services to increased user attention capacity, which without these systems could be a nightmare

How can AI help your company?

At this point we already know the definition of Artificial Intelligence. We have also seen the impact it has on our daily lives. Now, the question that naturally arises when we see the scope and benefits is: How to use artificial intelligence in my company? The variety of solutions is quite wide, here are some outstanding ones (with which Xira can help you):

  • More efficient customer service through chatbots / emailbots.
  • Improve internal processes by eliminating inefficiencies.
  • Eliminate unnecessary time in mechanical activities and reassign them to more productive activities.
  • Prediction of key variables for your business.

The implementation of these solutions translates into reduced costs, increased sales, more reliable information for decision making and increased productivity. Take a look at our results section to see it in more detail.

Customized AI

In Mexico, as in most of the world, it has become increasingly common for large and medium-sized companies to make the decision to make the most of their data and internal processes through Artificial Intelligence. Since the development of these systems requires a certain level of expertise and specific tools, a great option for most of them has been to receive solutions tailored to their needs.

Faced with the growing demand for these customized solutions, some startups have exploited their technological capabilities by offering complete integrations to the client.

A great advantage offered by these startups is the attention to detail of each client’s process flow, making the entire operation efficient. Do you already know how your business would benefit? Come to Xira with a free demo, we will advise you and show you how the value of your business can grow.

Using science and technology for the common good

A frequent and important issue in recent decades has been the social impact of technological evolution. It is paramount in the development of new technologies not to forget the factor of social, environmental and ethical consequences. 

A major challenge and criticism that the use of machine learning and A.I. has faced is the tendency to favor certain groups over others.

Since a mathematical model is programmed with data and the results are not necessarily controlled by the developer, it has happened that algorithms incur problems of group exclusion. For example, when used to decide whether or not to grant credit, the algorithm may choose variables such as gender, race or place of birth to rule out individuals. This results in a form of immoral exclusion.

The current widespread effort is to approach projects ethically to avoid undesirable outcomes. Ultimately the result is completely mathematical, but behind it are individuals with the ability to decide which configuration is the most appropriate in moral terms.

Future of Artificial Intelligence

What does the near future hold for this technology? As already mentioned, the growth in both popularity and utilization has been enormous for AI and it is not going to stop anytime soon. In the coming years it will become more and more common for businesses, governments and even individuals to take advantage of it seeing the fruits of all the benefits.

Will the automation of activities translate into higher unemployment? The objective of reducing mechanical operation times is to increase efficiency. Tasks that do not require human creativity can be automated, giving the human worker the possibility to perform more important activities.

In this article we have addressed general issues of artificial intelligence. It is clear that in the medium term making use of this technology will not be a luxury or an advantage, but a requirement to compete efficiently. The best time to start reaping the benefits and taking a step forward is today. 

Xira has stood out among the startups in the sector. Schedule a demo with our strong team and start getting the most out of your business!

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