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In the XXI century, within the business field, data has gained such relevance that it has come to be the most important “natural resource”. To exemplify, internet users generate an average of 2.5 quintillions bites every day. Big companies have realized this fact and so they are implementing Artificial Intelligence to exploit this information. In this article we’ll show you the best Artificial Intelligence companies in Mexico.

Artificial Intelligence in the companies

In these days when massive amounts of data are being generated, some companies have identified this as an opportunity. By implementing Artificial Intelligence algorithms, they have managed to get a better understanding of the environment in which they are, thanks to their ability to interpret the information they generate daily. These algorithms not only help the descriptive interpretation of your data, but also serve to make prospects about the future. This translates into cost reduction, increased sales or better understanding of customers.

Some companies choose to have their own data analytics division (which can be more expensive and requires a steeper learning curve) or outsource help implementing their data analytics.

Some of the Artificial Intelligence Companies


The technology producer company offers many Artificial Intelligence solutions. Among the services offered by IBM is Watson. It is a tool that offers Speech to Text, Text to speech solutions and a data platform. The implementation procedure includes the following steps:

  • Training with data from each company
  • Proof of effectiveness
  • Implementation of the tool
  • Evaluation of results
  • Continuous Learning


The giant of shipping, Amazon, also has taken advantage of the data age creating a platform called Amazon Web Services. AWS counts with a big case of services. Covering from cloud data infrastructure technology, to A.I. and Machine Learning services. Their clients go from big companies to emergent business, offering a complete environment.


This company specializes in making efficient workflows for business process. Servicenow has “Now Platform” a platform that helps with process automation and make predictions to anticipate trends. It provides services to large companies such as Delta Air Lines, Deloitte and Coca Cola.


It is a company that helps unify customers with the company through its CRM platform, Salesforce Customer 360. This platform helps you connect all the area of your company into once. Its main clients incluide UVM, the payment solutions company MIT and Walmart Chile.


We are a company dedicated to providing tailored solutions from process automation to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence tools. Among the services we offer Operating Efficiency, CX Automation, and Predictive Analytics. The results we can help you achieve are:

  • Data protection and fraud prevention.
  • Time reduction.
  • Increase in quotations and sales.
  • Costs reductions.
  • Better process visibility.
  • Operational errors mitigation.

Bellow we’ll show you a comparative of the companies that can help you implement the Artificial Intelligence in Mexico.

Comparison with Artificial Intelligence companies

These are some Artificial Intelligence companies in Mexico. A common challenge they face is that due to their size and clients volume, the services they offer are very generic. A large part of the companies that seek to implement A.I. requiere them to be much more personalized.

Artificial Intelligence Startups

In this context, the role of A.I. takes more relevance. Startups have a much more flexible offer of custom solutions. With this, they attend the need to cover specific areas in the efficiency of companies.

During the implementation of these tools, it is challenging for companies and service providers to adjust correctly to the operation. The processes of each company are usually very complex and the A.I. very varied. Bringing both together at the exact point is a task that requires great effort. However, the correct implementation achieves impressive results.

Our main form to operate is the correct understanding of the operation and needs of our clients. With this we are able to deliver specific and effective solutions for all types of companies. We have achieved amazing results based on complete integrations to each business.

At Xira we are interested in companies being at the forefront of digital transformation. We want to raise the human potential of all your collaborators through A.I. and automation process. Contact us if you want to know more about how to achieve a complete digital transformation.

Accelerate your company’s processes with our GPT Suite.

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