How to generate savings of up to 2,000,000 years?

generar ahorros de hasta 2 millones

We have repetitive processes in our operation that involve cost and time for our human talent on many occasions. What we need is to generate savings at these points in order to be more efficient. In this article you will learn the keys to achieve it through technology.

One of the most important pharmacies in all of Mexico decided to start a consultancy in its processes. In this review, it was observed that there was an opportunity in the help desk area.

Each week, there were up to 200 simultaneous calls from teams not remembering their password and required to request a reset. In this process, the help desk team took up to 60 minutes to pay attention to each branch. However, the branch could not be opened without this reset, thus losing an hour of sales.

Xira’s team developed an RPA robot that can do all these password resets in as little as 5 minutes, saving much time for the operational team and streamlining the branch opening process.

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