How Has Artificial Intelligence Been Supported in Fighting Covid 19?

Global organizations are leveraging artificial intelligence to control the spread of COVID-19. Here we share some news related to the use of AI to face this situation:

Artificial Intelligence detected the outbreak before the world became aware of the threat. On December 30, 2019, BlueDot, a company that uses Artificial Intelligence to track and anticipate infectious diseases, detected a report about pneumonia of unknown etiology in China.

Another key example is DeepMind from Google, which uses algorithms to find the proteins present in the virus; based on this information, treatments can be developed.

In addition, the White House announced a partnership between Microsoft Research, the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, the National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health, the Georgetown University Center for Security and Emergency Technology, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and the Google’s Kaggle AI platform to create a database with more than 30,000 scientific articles related to the virus.

Finally, with all the false information of the virus circulating through networks, although it is not necessarily a Chatbot with Machine Learning, the World Health Organization (WHO) incorporated a robot in WhatsApp to provide real information and debunk myths of the coronavirus. the link to avoid misinformation: WHO

With all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and the healthcare industry in general, it is difficult to know how AI will finally fit into the pandemic. However, we are convinced that the use of these technologies will be essential to confronting the virus as soon as possible.

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