Find out more about the different types of Artificial Intelligence

Today Artificial Intelligence has made a great impact on the world and will change significantly in the coming decades. AI is in a stage called Narrow Artificial Intelligence (ANI) because it is a lower level than human intelligence. AI has made a great impact in the world, however, what are the different types of Artificial Intelligence, find out!

The (ANI) focuses on the neural networks that we currently have; they are systems programmed and designed to carry out specific tasks such as voice recognition, text conversation, text generation, music generation, among others.

Experts estimate that within 30 to 50 years, AI will reach a stage of General Artificial Intelligence (AGI) equivalent to the level of human intelligence.

The (AGI) seeks the simulation of human intelligence; that is, the intelligence of a machine can perform any intellectual task of any human being.

The (ASI) is the Super Artificial Intelligence that can surpass human intelligence and the most gifted minds. Machines may come to understand human knowledge and go beyond something that humans had not even discovered.

Imagine that human intelligence can be surpassed; autonomous machines will have the ability to reason and make decisions! However, there is still a long way to go, so we must invest in the development of Artificial Intelligence.

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