Xira at Customer Contact Week 2024: Boosting Customer Experience

customer contact week

In the fast-paced world of artificial intelligence and technology, Customer Contact Week (CCW) is the leading customer experience event for the best customer contact companies. This year, CCW will be held in Las Vegas, June 3-6, 2024, and Xira will attend representing Mexican state-of-the-art technology.

About CCW:

Strategic Networking: CCW brings together more than 5,000 attendees and 300 speakers from diverse industries. It is the ideal place to make valuable connections with other industry leaders and discover new opportunities for collaboration.
Emerging Trends: In 165 sessions, experts will share insights on the latest trends that are shaping the future of customer contact. From artificial intelligence to personalization, Xira will be able to stay on top of the most relevant developments.
Expo Hall: With more than 245 exhibitors, the CCW Expo Hall is the epicenter of innovation. Xira will be showcasing its Generative Artificial Intelligence products and services that transform the customer contact experience, find us at Booth #1503.

Xira at Customer Contact Week

As a leader in generative artificial intelligence solutions, has a crucial role in the transformation of the customer experience, being the best strategic ally in the technological nearshore:

  • Plug & Play Technology: We guarantee perfect scalability, adapting to changing needs at any time.
  • High ROI: With our implementation methodology, we guarantee an increased ROI on the acquisition of our solutions.
  • SLM’s: With our Small Language Models (SLM) meticulously trained on your specific data, ensuring that it precisely matches your requirements and expectations. This prevents the model from freaking out with erroneous answers.
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence: Reduce your contact center costs by 5x with our Generative AI solutions.

Accelerate your company’s processes with our GPT Suite.

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