Text-to-Speech &

Use our service to transcribe audios and give personalized voice to texts

Convert text to audio and audio to text quickly and efficiently

The Speech to Text tool allows you to transcribe information stored in text. While the Text to Speech tool facilitates the reading of writings with high effectiveness and customization.

Where to implement Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text?

Transactional IVR

Call Center

Quality Assurance

Call and Conference Transcription

These products complement the following:

Intelligent Assistants

Intelligent Assistants are the best communication channels between your company and your client.

Transcribe conversations with your customers to find new needs and improve the customer experience.

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Speech Analytics

Learn about the voice of the customer and find out how to improve their experience.

Transcribe the conversations between your client and your brand to analyze where you can improve

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Predictive Analytics

Remember behavior patterns to improve the customer experience.

By implementing Predictive Analytics, you can send proactive surveys according to user behavior.

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Text Analytics & NLP

Analyze what your customers want through Text Analytics & NLP

Studying your customers’ messages generate reports on mindset, topics, and keywords to improve the experience.

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Reduction in attention and operation times.

Operational Savings. More visibility and fraud reduction.

Over our solutions has less than 2% operational errors that tend to 0%.

CX Automation

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