Text Analytics & NLP

Know the voice of the customer and
the quality of attention of your executives

Analyze the interaction of the messages between your agents and end customers

It helps computers understand, interpret, and manipulate human language. This intelligence allows computers to process human language in the form of text or voice data and study your customers’ messages to generate reports on feelings, topics, and keywords.

text analytics & NLP
Text Analytiics and NLP

Where to implement Text Analytics & NLP?

Social Media Monitoring

Quality Assurance

Customer Service


Payment Collection

These products complement the following:

Intelligent Assistants

Complement with your Intelligent Assistants to analyze what your customers want.

Provide a better customer experience by learning from each conversation the needs, topics, behaviors, and keywords of your users.

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Speech Analytics

Listen to the voice of your customer and learn about new needs.

Streamline the customer experience with these tools so you don't just understand what your customers want through text conversations.

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Text Analytics & NLP Conoce la voz del cliente y la calidad de atención de tus ejecutivos

Predictive Analytics

Complement with Predictive Analytics and make each interaction a great experience. Remember your customers’ needs, such as schedules, services, products, and much more to provide personalized recommendations.

Analyze 100% of your conversations for attention and automated complaint notifications.

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Text-To-Speech & Speech-To-Text (TTS-STT)

Transcribe conversations with your customers and find their needs with Text Analytics.

Study your customers’ messages and generate reports on feelings, topics, and keywords to improve the experience.

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"All the information that comes from Speech & Text Analytics comes directly from the voice of the customer, which means there are no margins or external interpretations."

Paola Ferrer

Innovation Director

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