Task Assignment

Increase the productivity of your collaborators

Increase agents' productivity by assigning them tasks in an automated way

Know the potential of your work team and raise it by implementing the Task Assignment Platform. It will allow you to intelligently distribute any task, considering and measuring the performance of each executive. Define the objectives in time frames and meet them with ease.


Where to implement Task Assignment Platform?


Back Office

Logistics Assignment (crews)

Help Desk

Finance and Reconciliations

Quality Assurance

These products complement the following:

Robotic Process Automation

Automate repetitive processes with the help of RPA and let your collaborators focus on more complex tasks.

Assign the most relevant tasks for your agents and streamline your internal processes up to 7.5x

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Automated Official Queries

Increase your agents’ productivity by complementing this product so that they validate the information of your clients and prospects in a more agile way.

Eliminate repetitive tasks and have your agents reach their goals to increase their KPI's

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Classification, Extraction and Reading of Documents

Repetitive tasks are for machines, but agents must monitor that the machines do their job.

Our Task Assignment platform will increase the productivity of your collaborators, since agents will be able to extract, classify, and read documents in a much more organized and selective way to meet their goals and increase their KPIs.

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Productivity Monitoring

By Monitoring the Productivity of your agents you can assign the tasks to your collaborators in an automated way to achieve their objectives.

Monitor the use of the applications assigned for the performance of your agents’ activities and randomly or in the history consult any incident or security alert.

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Know the complete solution



Reduction in attention and operation times.


Operational Savings. More visibility and fraud reduction.


Capture each process in real-time and keep track of your clients or events.
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