Speech Analytics

Know the voice of the customer and
the quality of attention of your executives.

The best way to hear the voice of the customer and know what they really want


Automate quality control, increase your sales, collection and customer satisfaction knowing what the best executives do and replicating it throughout the operation.

We use leading Genesys technology in the Gartner quadrant, but instead of purchasing the solution, we provide you with a monthly service. Expert specialists in this technology perform analysis and deliver business reports to increase your KPIs.

Speech and Text Analytics

In addition, you can have monitoring on the platform to view the reports of the analyzed conversations, as well as create personalized alarms, it can even alert you of unwanted activities and prevent fraud.

Text-to-Speech & Speech-to-Text (TTS & STT)

Where to implement the Speech Analytics?



Customer Services

Quality Assurance

This product is complemented by the following:

Predictive Analytics

Listen to the voice of your customer and remember their behavior to provide the best recommendations.

Analyze call recordings to improve specific KPIs: reduce AHT, improve customer satisfaction, increase collections and sales, or monitor quality and notify possible fraud.

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Speech Analytics

Text-To-Speech & Speech-To-Text (TTS-STT)

Learn about the voice of the customer and find out how to improve their experience.

Transcribe the conversations between your client and your brand to analyze where you can improve your service quality.

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Text Analytics & NLP

The voice of the customer also comes in text messages.

Fully understand your customer's voice on any channel and identify keywords, topics, and sentiments to improve customer experience.

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CX Automation

"All the information that comes from Speech & Text Analytics comes directly from the voice of the customer, which means there are no margins or external interpretations."

Paola Ferrer

Innovation Director

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