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Know the voice of your customer on social networks

It automatically monitors the conversations and can notify if there’s complaints, compliments, and new needs under specific business rules.


Where implement Social Media Monitoring?



Customer Services


These products complement the following:

Intelligent Assistants

Complement with your Intelligent Assistants to analyze what your customers want.

Provide a better customer experience by implementing Intelligent Assistants on your social networks, and stay connected with them no matter where the first contact originated.

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Text Analytics & NLP

Recognize the needs of your customers by analyzing the conversations in each social network.

By complementing Text Analytics, you will be able to identify keywords, topics and new needs of your customers to provide them with a better experience.

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Predictive Analytics

It complements predictive analytics and provides in each interaction a great experience in any social network, by remembering the needs of your clients, such as schedules, services, products and much more, you will be able to make personalized recommendations.

Analyze 100% of conversations for attention and automated notification of complaints.

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Speech Analytics

Know the voice of the customer and streamline the quality of response from your agents.

By knowing what the customer wants, you can find new points to innovate and provide a better customer experience.

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CX Automation

"When you automate a process, you can collect data that gives you inputs to continue innovating with efficiencies, learning, and a better customer experience, you have new data for the next wave of innovation."

Cynthia Salicrup

Innovation Leader

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