Screen Consolidation

For all your platforms and systems in a single view

Guarantee a better customer experience by unifying all your systems


The Screen Consoldation integrates all the necessary systems to provide personalized attention. When a client dials by phone or through any channel, the information of that client, the history, and the possible queries are automatically exposed.

Apart from providing faster and more personalized attention, this solution will guarantee compliance with banking regulations since you can only consult the information about the client you are serving. Finally, you reduce your agents’ training times and increase their productivity, measuring their performance by consultation.


Where to implement Screen Consolidation?

Call Center

Help Desk

Sales and Collection

These products complement the following:

Robotic Process Automation

Integrate RPA & RDA to complement Screen Consolidation, automate repetitive procedures and leave executives with more complex issues.

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Integration between Systems

Screen Consolidation is the consolidation of systems in a single view platform.

Systems integration allows you to have all your systems and platforms to avoid long loading times for each of them.

In addition as everything is unified, training times are considerably reduced.

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Predictive Analytics

Through the Memory of Patterns, provide a better service to your client, having the data, promotions, and services that best suit their profile for the platform.

Analyze the impact of notifications to better understand your client’s profile and avoid high contact investments.

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Productivity Monitoring

Monitor the productivity of your agents on the Screen Consolidation platform.

Detect bad practices and identify your agents’ behavior with the highest performance to optimize your operations. The extraction is accurate and reduces fraud. Automating this process could save you significant savings (more than 7.5x in time.)

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Know the complete solution



It guarantees maximum security in transactions and payments, as well as customer data with internationally certified robots.


Operational Savings. More visibility and fraud reduction.


Reduction in attention and operation times.


Capture each process in real-time and keep track of your clients or events.


Use our predictive analytics module to cross-sell and upsell to new or existing customers.


Even our Voicebot solution has less than 2% operational errors that tend to 0%.

"XIRA has helped us in optimizing and accelerating the execution of the sales’ validation process"

Edgar Barrera

Costumer Service Director

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