Transform your internal processes, operations and back office with AI, making them more secure, faster and more profitable.

Simplify your processes, improve security, reduce response time to your customers

It allows replicating what a human does on the computer based on specific, repetitive and high-volume rules.

Our licenses are capable of working with any system and application.

When we implement an RPA or IPA, we do a process mapping to find bottlenecks with Process Mining, from there we automate the processes that have the most impact.


Where to implement RPA & RDA?

Eficiencia Operativa

Drafting and Automated Reports

Inventory Management

Registration, Financial Reconciliation and Policies

Call Center Typifications

Clarifications and Charge Cancellations

Mass Validations

Automation of Promotions Openings and Closings

Automated Construction of RFPs, Agreements and Prices to reduce Time to Market

Filtering cleaning of contact bases


Sales or Claims Tracking

Real-time review of the validity of the policy


Provider Assignment

These products complement the following:

Intelligent Assistants

Automate your contact processes and implement Intelligent Assistants to offer self-management to your clients.

Offer more security to your users by letting Intelligent Assistants provide general information and reduce operational times by up to 7x

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Captcha and reCaptcha skip Automation

Check your customers' information on various sites to validate their identity.

When entering several pages in a massive way to validate the information of the users or clients, it is necessary to automate the skip of Captcha and reCaptcha, by automating it, it ensures that the information extracted is real and fraud is reduced. Automating this process could save you significant savings, for example, more than 7.5x in time.

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Automated Official Queries

Let an RPA be the one to support you in making the official inquiries of the thousands of documents that come to you.

Creates greater security in processes and reduces operational errors.

Our robots have less than 2% to 0% in operational errors

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Screen Consolidation

Integrate RPA & RDA to complement Screen Consolidation. Automate repetitive procedures and can leave executives with more complex issues.

Allow your agents to serve your customers faster, more efficiently, and securely with a Screen Consolidation. Integrate your systems, reduce service, and training times.

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Classification, Extraction, and Reading of Documents

By automating the processes RPA & RDA. Sales, reconciliation, and invoicing can be automated.

For example, a large hospitality company implemented RPA to reconcile its invoices with its internal processes. The hospitality chain automated 95% of the attention to its agencies, distribution, and loading of rates; eliminated 100% payment errors, and streamlined its internal processes by 7.5x

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Know the complete solution



It guarantees maximum security in transactions and payments, as well as customer data with internationally certified robots.


Capture each process in real-time and keep track of your clients or events.


Operational Savings. More visibility and fraud reduction.


Reduction in attention and operation times.



Even our solutions has less than 2% operational errors that tend to 0%.


"I highly recommend Xira's RPA products, since they are custom-tailored and in a considerable time depending on the complexity that this implies."

Paola Ferrer

Innovation Director

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