Process Mapping

Process Mapping using data.
(Process Mining)

Current Situation and Challenges

Complex processes interacting with multiple systems, it becomes difficult to understand them in depth and map them

Lack of information with real data of the operation for decision making

No key tasks or bottlenecks needed to automate for correct operation are discovered

Solution Description

With Process Mining Consulting, you can do:

-Mapping of processes from its different platforms in an agile and forceful way

-Understand what businesses do.

-Discover the processes as they are through data.

-Identify and understand bottlenecks, inefficiencies, deviations and dead times of the operation immediately.

-Provide automation proposals with the most significant impact.

-Focus on maximizing the desired KPIs and understanding which operators are on the ideal path and who are not

Ensure compliance with conformance checking.

-The analyzes serve to: reduce costs, avoid errors, increase security, increase sales, minimize service times and improve precision & operational efficiencies.

Benefits and Success Stories

-Complete mapping of internal operations to generate Rates, identifying processes to Reduce Time to Market in 2 weeks.

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