Omnichannel Automation

Chatbot, Emailbot, Voicebot, Virtual Concierge

Asistentes inteligentes

Current Situation and Challenges

Manual attention in the Contact Center and through any digital channel, generating possible security and attention risks.

High churn due to contact center saturation

Long attention times

Lack of integration of information from existing channels.

Long time to listen to all IVR options

High operating costs to provide quality service

Not optimal conversion in E-commerce.

Solution Description

Turnkey solution for automated service and configuration without depending on the provider.

  • Chatbot, Voicebot, Emailbot and Virtual Concierge.
  • Omnichannel Solution
  • Intelligence
  • Integration with transparent service systems and platforms
  • End to end automation: Attention, extraction, automation, analytics and study of behavior patterns to contribute to the creation of automated strategies or campaigns for our clients from any digital channel such as Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Telegram and WhatsApp), web and voice Personalized Omnichannel Experiences (if you contacted through a channel that another no longer reaches you) Integration with internal systems and secure payment gateways.

    Benefits and Success Stories

    -Automation of + 50% of contact center interactions with 24/7 support

    -Savings of + $ 200,000 MXN / month

    -Increase in sales + 5x

    -Percentage of error less than 8% with a tendency to 0% during the 1st. Semester

    -2x increase in the number of conversations by self-management.

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