Mass Sending

A platform for sending messages in a massive and personalized way, SMS, email, WhatsApp, for sales, collection, marketing and customer service

Send highly personalized messages, videos, and emails through different channels.


The Mass Sending platform allows you to send messages, automated videos and personalized emails by WhatsApp (even sales or collection), SMS, and any email engine in bulk. The platform increases the likelihood of interaction with your customers, unifies their information and integrates with omnichannel platforms and Smart Assistants to provide personalized service.


Where to implement Mass Messages?

Receivable´s Department

Marketing | Customer loyalty

Sales (discounts and promotions)

Customer service

Sentiment monitoring alerts

Failure notifications

These products complement the following:

Intelligent Assistants

Your Intelligent Assistants can give the first contact with Mass Sending.

Use the Mass Sending platform to send notifications, notifications or any type of message to your customers through different channels. Follow up with your Smart Assistants and provide the best experience. In addition, it ratifies the collection processes by up to 50%

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Best Time to Call

Determine the best time to communicate with your customers to send messages in bulk.

Take advantage of the best time to interact with your customers, to send messages and have responses to them. Reduce the percentage of missed calls and streamline the contact process with this implementation and you can save up to 30% in contact and monitoring operations.

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Predictive Analytics

Get to know your customer through their behavior and send personalized information.

Make every interaction a great experience by remembering your customers' needs, such as schedules, services, products, and much more to provide personalized recommendations. Analyze the impact of notifications to better understand your client’s profile and avoid high contact investments.

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Multimedia Automation

Communicate your message through a personalized video to your clients.

Create personalized videos for notifications, promotions, welcomes and others with this technology and the Mass Sending platform. Send them through any channel you want. Use this innovative solution to build customer loyalty with your brand and create unique experiences.

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Use our predictive analytics module to cross-sell and upsell to new or existing customers.


Operational Savings. More visibility and fraud reduction.


Capture each process in real-time and keep track of your clients or events.


Reduction in attention and operation times.


"Thanks to Xira, we have generated significant efficiencies, improved the customer experience"

Victor Pimentel

Operations Support Director

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