Human Resources

The Human Resources challenge is: How to guarantee trustworthy, honest, and long-term candidates? In Mexico, according to data from the UNAM, it is estimated that the turnover rate reaches 17.8%

In addition to this, Marketing and Attraction costs are high, hiring procedures are lengthy, executives do not give a detailed review of the CVs received from all candidates, time is wasted in interviews with unqualified candidates, and a lack of access. to historical information of the applicants such as their legal, credit and employment history.

Here are some solutions that can help you achieve it

Solutions for the Human Resources area

    ● Automated Digital Attraction
    ● Recruitment Chatbot and Voicebot for pre-filter
    ● Candidate Reliability Validation
    ● Delinquency
    ● Increase Collections
    ● Increase sales conversion
    ● Best Time to Call
    ● Unusual behavior alert
    ● Talent retention
    ● Chatbot
    ● Voicebot
    ● Emailbot
    ● Virtual Concierge
    ● Comprehensive contact
    ● Tone Monitoring
    ● Failure/incident monitoring
    ● Loyalty Custom Videos

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