Human Resources

The Human Resources challenge is: How to guarantee trustworthy, honest, and long-term candidates? In Mexico, according to data from the UNAM, it is estimated that the turnover rate reaches 17.8%

In addition to this, Marketing and Attraction costs are high, hiring procedures are lengthy, executives do not give a detailed review of the CVs received from all candidates, time is wasted in interviews with unqualified candidates, and a lack of access. to historical information of the applicants such as their legal, credit and employment history.

Here are some solutions that can help you achieve it:

Solutions for the Human Resources area

    ● Automated Digital Attraction
    ● Recruitment Chatbot and Voicebot for pre-filter
    ● Candidate Reliability Validation
    ● Delinquency
    ● Increase Collections
    ● Increase sales conversion
    ● Best Time to Call
    ● Unusual behavior alert
    ● Talent retention
    ● Chatbot
    ● Voicebot
    ● Emailbot
    ● Virtual Concierge
    ● Comprehensive contact
    ● Tone Monitoring
    ● Failure/incident monitoring
    ● Loyalty Custom Videos

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