Let´s simplify complexity with AI and Automation together

Historia y Valor

Xira was born in Singapore 6 years ago due to the need for companies to automate complex processes to improve user experiences, increase security and reduce costs.

In 6 years, we have managed to serve more than 50,000,000 users. Two key differentiators that have helped us achieve these results are understanding processes based on data and a modular and integrated technological offer of Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

Likewise, we belong to Neikos, a Mexican Group with more than 4,500 employees, for whom we have different certifications that guarantee our commitment, safety, and quality standards by automating repetitive processes.


Create unique user experiences with Artificial Intelligence, Process Automation, and Predictive Analytics products

Xira offers end to end automation to guarantee each solution’s success, as simple as this:

1. Define your business KPIs
2. Discover your process with data and Process Mining
3. Select the most appropriate AI and Automation modules and create your solution
4. Predict its impact on your defined KPIs
5. Implement and integrate seamlessly
6. Obtain results automatically with continuous improvement


Automated AI Solutions

Get to know our Identity Validation platform. The technology behind CODDEX is the result of the best practices learned in our implementations with leading multinational companies.


Integrated and Modular Artificial Intelligence and Automation Technologies

In order to be able to scale and implement our solutions faster, we created TIMIA: our product suite. In our experience, the best technology to automate processes is not just a tool, but a set of tools that can meet different needs. Those that integrate, complement each other and are implemented in a flexible, immediate and scalable way.
TIMIA contains a technological platform that includes different “prefabricated” tools with the best practices in multinational companies, to automate even the most complex processes.
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