79% of customers say they expect organizations to provide self-service tools to help them find answers without contacting an agent.


Find out how to take advantage of technologies to guarantee the best customer experience in the health sector

    ● Comprehensive contact
    ● Tone Monitoring
    ● Failure/incident monitoring
    ● Loyalty Custom Videos
    ● Identification (INE / IFE, CURP, Passport, others)
    ● Proof of Address (CFE, Telmex, others)
    ● An automated solution to skip captcha and reCaptcha
    ● Billing, reconciliation and patient discharge
    ● Text-to-Speech & Speech-to-Text
    ● Labor, credit and judicial history
    ● Sale of telemedicine services, studies, outpatient operations
    ● Memory of Patterns in digital channels
    ● Automated Digital Attraction
    ● Recruitment Chatbot and Voicebot for pre-filter
    ● Candidate Reliability Validation
    ● Data analysis
    ● Indicator alerts
    ● Adverse events
    ● Surveys (mass mailings)
    ● RPA + Chatbot + Form
    ● Ticket automation
    ●Dispatch + Emailbot + Text Analytics
    ● Text Analytics para determinar temas, palabras clave, sentimientos, errores ortográficos y tendencias.
    ● Follow-up and unification of clinical record with administrative processes (RPA)
    ● Smart monitoring
    ● Simultaneous screen recording capability
    ● Manual supervision processes are eliminated
    ● Task scheduling

Success Stories Healthcare

Petition: Customer Service Automation and e-commerce sales

Xira Solution: Chatbot, Predictive Analysis, Mass Sending by WhatsApp, Pattern Recall.

Results: 5x increase in quotes, retention of +70% of customer service traffic via digital channels

Petition: Reduce servicing times in Help Desk.

Xira Solution: Interactive Form, RPA.

Results: 78% operational savings in its Help Desk with reduction of average operation times from 60 minutes, to less than 5 minutes.

Petition: Payment Automation. Fraud Prevention.

Xira Solution: Tokenization, Machine Vision, Transactional Voicebot.

Results: Payment Automation. Fraud Prevention.

Petition: Increased customer service retention.

Xira Solution: Geolocation, Broker de Mensajes, Transactional Chatbot

Results: Retention of 30% of customer service traffic. Savings of $330,000 pesos per month. Increase NPS.

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