Get a geographic location quickly

With our Geolocation solution, you will get a physical address based on coordinates, or the exact coordinates of a physical location efficiently.


Where to implement Geolocation?


Branch Search

Security transactions


Assistance and Insurance

These products complement the following:

Robotic Process Automation

By automating the processes through implementing RPA & RDA. Sales, reconciliation and invoicing can be automated.

By obtaining the information about the user's location, the robot can help reduce Back Office validations by up to 83%

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Intelligent Assistants

Smart Assistants are the best communication channels between your company and your client.

Implementing geolocation in your smart assistants will create a better customer experience, as it can help you find nearby branches, locate the place of a claim and more.

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Predictive Analytics

Remember your client's location to offer personalized services.

By implementing Predictive Analytics, you can send promotions, branches, delivery times, or other services according to your location.

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Know the complete solution



Capture each process in real-time and keep track of your clients or events.


Reduction in attention and operation times.

CX Automation

"Thanks to Xira, we have generated significant efficiencies, improved the customer experience"

Victor Pimentel

Operations Support Director

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