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CX Automation

Customer-facing automation

Guarantee unique experiences in all interactions between your customers and your brand

Identify what customers value most, track related internal processes and simplify them with automation and artificial intelligence.

CX Automation Solutions

Asistente Conversacional Chatbot

Intelligent Assistants

Allow your customers to interact with your brand through any channel, serve them proactively, with self-management, and in any case, receive their requests segmented on a single platform.

Pantalla Unica

Screen Consolidation

Know at what point in the process your clients are unifying all their systems

Whatsapp Business logo

WhatsApp Business API

Boost your sales and communication with your customers through WhatsApp. Make each interaction a pleasant experience for your customers by serving them through their favorite channel.

Envíos Masivos

Mass Sending

A platform for sending messages in a massive and personalized way, SMS, email, WhatsApp, for sales, collection, marketing, and customer service

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Eficiencia Operativa

Operating Efficiency
RPA, RDA, OCR/Document Reading, Process Mining, Artificial Vision

Internal automation:
Transform your internal processes, operations, and back-office with AI. Making them safer, faster, and more profitable.

Análisis de Tendencia GIF

Predictive Analytics
Deep learning, Machine learning, Cognitive AI

Take advantage of the data generated with predictive analytics:
Data management and automated analysis of your customers' behavior to optimize your internal processes and operations.

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