The communication channel more
trustworthy between your brand and your

Omnichannel at any time

Our Chatbots can provide complete personalized information without the need to redirect to another medium.

Regardless of the channel through which your clients communicate, our Chatbots knows who the person is contacting and can save the context of the conversation. In addition, they can recognize your users’ behavior patterns and predict their needs before saying them.

Our Chatbots is capable of closing sales. In the same way, they can generate alarms or transfer calls/conversations to another executive prioritizing the discussion in the ACD.

Nuestros Chatbots tienen la capacidad de brindar información personalizada completa, sin necesidad de redirigir a otro medio.
Chatbot El canal de comunicación más confiable entre tu marca y tus cliente.

Where to implement Chatbot?


Marketing | Customer loyalty

Sale (discounts and promotions)

Customer service

Sentiment monitoring alerts

Failure notifications

These products complement the following:

Mass Sending

Your Intelligent Assistants can give the first contact with Mass Sending.

Use the Mass Sending platform to send notifications, notifications or any type of message to your customers through different channels. Follow up with your Intelligent Assistants and provide the best experience.

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Best Time to Call

Determine the best time to communicate with your customers with your Intelligent Assistants.

Take advantage of the best time to interact with your customers, to send messages and have responses to them. Make the contact process more efficient with this implementation and you can save up to 30% in contact and monitoring operations.

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Asistentes Inteligentes

Predictive Analytics

Get to know your customer through their behavior and with the help of Intelligent Assistants.

Make every interaction a great experience by remembering your customers' needs, such as schedules, services, products, and much more to provide personalized recommendations. Analyze 100% of conversations for attention and automated notification of complaints.

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WhatsApp Business API

Integrate an Intelligent Assistant in WhatsApp for customer service.

With this add-on, you will be able to manage your WhatsApp Business conversations, and you will be able to boost sales through this application. Have the security, ease and accessibility of your messages to provide your customers with unique experiences.

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Know the complete solution



It guarantees maximum security in transactions and payments, as well as customer data with internationally certified robots.


Operational Savings. More visibility and fraud reduction.


Reduction in attention and operation times.


Capture each process in real-time and keep track of your clients or events.


Use our predictive analytics module to cross-sell and upsell to new or existing customers.


Even our Voicebot solution has less than 2% operational errors that tend to 0%.

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"The first thing we looked for was a chatbot, fortunately we found ourselves on the road with you, with Xira to do this development. What convinced us a lot was the work methodology, the agile methodology in doing things in very short periods of time. We managed implement this chatbot together in, (if I'm not mistaken), a week."

Marco Vinicio Fernández

Projects Manager IT

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