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Skip Captchas and Recaptcha with automation


Our solution allows you to skip any type of Captcha and reCaptcha, be it filling the box or recognizing objects in images. A powerful and useful tool if you need to get information from somewhere. By automating Captcha and Recaptcha, times are streamlined and repetitive processes are eliminated for agents.

Salta sin inconvenientes de manera masiva y automática los Captchas y reCaptchas
Solución de Automatización para saltar Captcha y reCaptcha

Where to implement Captcha and Recaptcha skip Automation ?

Process Automation

Automated Official Queries

Documents Classification, Reading and Extraction

These products complement the following:

Robotic Process Automation

By automating the processes through implementing RPA & RDA. Sales, reconciliation and invoicing can be automated.

For example, a large hospitality company implemented RPA to reconcile its invoices with its internal processes. The hospitality chain automated 95% of the attention to its agencies, distribution, and loading rates. Eliminates 100% of any payment errors and streamlines its internal processes by 7.5 x.

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Automated Official Queries

By extracting information from specific documents, it is possible to validate people's identities.

Imagine that with our solution, you extracted the CURP's of several clients, but to validate them you would need to enter the RENAPO page and enter the data to verify if that person exists. By automating it, you ensure that the information extracted is legitimate which reduces the possibility of fraud.

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Classification, Extraction, and Reading of Documents

Classify, extract, and read your users' documents in an automated way without Captcha being a problem.

When extracting the personal information of a client from the CURP, he will find a Captcha to allow him to download the documents. By complementing this solution, the process is automated and more efficient, guaranteeing less time and greater data security.

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Operational Savings. More visibility and fraud reduction.

Reduction in attention and operation times.


"We started working with very simple automated processes, and with this we began to demonstrate, internally, that automated processes have many benefits."

Gerardo Islas

E-Commerce Leader

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