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8 out of 10 bank clients would change traditional banking for a fintech one, due to their bad experience with service

World Retail Banking Report 2021

Find out how to leverage technologies to ensure the best customer service and banking - financial experience

    ● Comprehensive contact
    ● Tone Monitoring
    ● Failure/incident monitoring
    ● Loyalty Custom Videos
    ● Integrate and unify your systems in a single view
    ● Improve Engagement with customers
    ● Obtain reliable information from customers and prospective clients, centralized and in real-time
    ● Achieve correct and effective customer management
    ● Chatbot
    ● Voicebot
    ● Emailbot
    ● Virtual Concierge
    ● Alternative to E-Commerce
    ● Better sales conversion
    ● Predict customer behavior through voice analysis
    ● Implements: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and more
    ● Clarifications
    ● Reporting
    ● Financial Reconciliation
    ● Call Center typifications
    ● Understand and trace business processes with data
    ● Find inefficiencies and downtime
    ● Automation proposals
    ● Smart monitoring
    ● Simultaneous screen recording capability
    ● Manual supervision processes are eliminated
    ● Task scheduling
    ● Automated Digital Attraction
    ● Recruitment Chatbot and Voicebot for pre-filter
    ● Candidate Reliability Validation
    ● Identification (INE / IFE, CURP, Passport, others)
    ● Proof of Address (CFE, Telmex, others)
    ● An automated solution to skip captcha and reCaptcha
    ● Validation Legitimacy of any document*
    ● Text-to-Speech & Speech-to-Text
    ● Labor, credit and judicial history
    ● RPA + Chatbot + Form
    ● Ticket automation
    ●Dispatch + Emailbot + Text Analytics
    ● Text Analytics para determinar temas, palabras clave, sentimientos, errores ortográficos y tendencias.
    ● Delinquency
    ● Increase Collections
    ● Increase sales conversion
    ● Best Time to Call
    ● Unusual behavior alert
    ● Talent retention
    ● Automated Digital Attraction
    ● Recruitment through Chatbots and Voicebots
    ● Candidate Reliability Validation
    ● Immediate attention to candidates
    ● Acquisition of prices on competitor websites
    ● Network Monitoring
    ● Validación Confiabilidad de Candidatos
    ● Search of data for possible clients, premises, and telephones

Success Stories Financial Banking

Petition: Contact Center requests automation via digital channels and recruitment.

Xira Solution: Geolocation, Message Broker, Tokenizer, Transactional Chatbot, RPA.

Results: 30% reduction in estimated operating cost

Petition: RPA for website with CURP validation and identity verification with INE or IFE. Chatbot for customer service on WhatsApp.

Xira Solution: RPA, WhatsApp Chatbot.

Results: Reduction in website abandonment and increase in NPS.

Petition: 52% retention of customer service traffic via digital channels and less than 3 weeks of implementation time.

Xira Solution: Geolocation, Message Broker, Transactional Chatbot, RPA.

Results: Monthly savings of $ 250,000 MXN.

Petition: Contact Center requests automation via digital channels and recruitment.

Xira Solution: Geolocation, WhatsApp Transactional Chatbot, SMS Mass Sending, OTP Authentication.

Results: Monthly savings of over $170,000 MXN.

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