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Our vision originates due to companies’ exponential growth, of the strong current challenges is to make complex processes more efficient. In this way, a specialized team is needed to understand the needs of the business and trace the procedures as they are, through data, through technologies such as Process Mining, we specialize in finding the areas of automation opportunity with the highest impact for our clients; without neglecting the human factor. We focus on understanding the business rules so that automation is adopted faster and with more benefits.

XIRA Suite

Create unique user experiences with Artificial Intelligence, Process Automation, and Predictive Analytics products

Another significant challenge is to implement Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation technologies that are efficient and scalable. For this reason, Xira has a suite based on TIMIA (Integrated and Modular Technologies for Artificial Intelligence and Automation). In our experience, the best technology to automate processes is not just a tool, but a set of tools that can meet different needs; those that are integrated, complemented, and implemented in a flexible, immediate, and scalable way. TIMIA contains a technological platform that includes various “prefabricated” tools with the best practices in multinational companies to automate even the most complex processes.

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