Screen Consolidation

Systems Unification

Current Situation and Challenges

-The consultants have to search up to 15 different systems to be able to meet the needs of a user.

-The systems do not interact with each other

-Long training courses for the management of all systems.

-Security risks when being able to access information from multiple users at the same time.

-Low visibility when monitoring multiple systems.

-Long times for the user by managing multiple platforms.

Solution Description

Turnkey solution:

Unify all systems on a single screen

Integration from the IVR so that the executive appears (only for the duration of the call) the possible queries of the already authenticated user, according to the products that he has contracted

Reporting to measure performance by executive, topic and call

Agile consultations and visibility in critical events

Also for use in branches

Benefits and Success Stories

-Estimated savings of 40% in customer service times

-Optimization of advisor training times

-Reduction of fraud

-Compliance with the CNBV

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