Receivable’s Department or Automated Notifications

Comprehensive contact, Sentiment Monitoring, Failure/Incident Monitoring, Loyalty Custom Videos

Current Situation and Challenges

– You do not have complete information about the client/prospect and their needs when it is sold or charged

-High price of WhatsApp

-Lack of time and tools to do massive promotion

-Monitoring networks and sentiment manually

-No coverage of clients or prospects at a massive level

-Long incident and complaint detection times with little follow-up

-Lack of timely monitoring of sales strategies, collection and incidents

-Lack of personalized attention to generate loyalty

Solution Description

Turnkey platform:

-Unlimited bulk messaging

-Scheduling and scheduling of shipments

-Personalization of the message

SMS sending


            WhatsApp Alerts

-Sending personalized videos (birthdays, important dates)

-Creation of segmented databases for submission and responses

-Immediate personalized customer service with the study of repetitive behavior patterns issuing proactive messages and self-management for when the conversation arrives with the agent, it has all the information of the prospect or customer

-Monitoring of feelings/failures/incidents in digital channels or voice.

Benefits and Success Stories

-30% savings in the operation of contacts and monitoring

-Ratify + 50% Collection

-5x increase in quotes through digital channels

-100% sentiment analysis of conversations for attention and automated notification of complaints


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