Validation of Documents
And/Or Identity

Validation of the legitimacy of any document

Current Situation and Challenges

-Repetitive validation processes with high operating costs

-Possible Impersonation Fraud

Solution Description

Automation of document validation via API with agility, scalability and security:

  • INE / IFE validation (All types) on official website
  • Proof of Address (CFE, Telmex) Validation of Address on CFE official website
  • Passport
  • Bills
  • Verification of the legitimacy of Documents
  • An automated solution to skip Captcha and Recaptcha
  • TTS (Text to Speech) – text to speech
  • STT (Speech to Text) – speech to text
  • Service for any other document not specified above
  • Validation and obtaining of personal data (name, date of birth, etc.) of CURP in RENAPO
  • Obtaining criminal records and lawsuits from the Judiciary
  • Obtaining employment records with IMSS Quoted Weeks
  • Geolocation: Get coordinates from an address and address from coordinates
  • Obtaining a history of labor claims from the Labor Bureau
  • Benefits and Success Stories

    -Automation of + 50% of contact center interactions with 24/7 support

    -Savings of + $ 200,000 MXN / month

    -Increase in sales + 5x

    -Percentage of error less than 8% with a tendency to 0% during the 1st. Semester

    -2x increase in the number of conversations by self-management

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