Automation of Attraction
and Selection of Trusted Candidates

Intelligent Recruitment

Current Situation and Challenges

Due to lack of time, unreliable candidates are hired

Inefficiencies for citing candidates who do not meet the profile for an interview

Long recruiting and hiring processes

Hiring out of time

Manual review of CVs

High Marketing & Attraction costs

Failure to review in detail the CVs received from all qualified candidates.

High Turnover Rates

Solution Description

Automated Digital Attraction in Networks and Job Boards

Recruitment Chatbot and Voicebots to pre-filter and schedule appointments and reminders with geolocation to guarantee attendance

Candidate Reliability Validation Robot in:

Legal information

Labor lawsuits

IMSS Quoted Weeks for past jobs

Alta Automation

History of Candidates for future uses

Immediate attention to candidates.

Benefits and Success Stories

-Automation of + 50% of contact center interactions with 24/7 support

-Savings of + $ 200,000 MXN / month

-Increase in sales + 5x

-Percentage of error less than 8% with a tendency to 0% during the 1st. Semester

-2x increase in the number of conversations by self-management.

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